CMS VR360 provides a virtual instance of your mechanical rooms, allowing technicians and admins to quickly view spaces without leaving their office or walking across campus.


The CMS VR360 Advantage

Capture Environments

  • Quickly find the equipment you need on your floorplan – on a tablet, smart phone or computer.
  • Scanning allows for accurate measurements of the space

Virtualize Knowledge

  • Tap or click through a virtual instance of your mechanical spaces and view your assets’ information.
  • Tap a work order icon to seamlessly complete it within the CMS database
  • Digitize the years of experience and knowledge that will soon retire

Expedite Training

  • With virtual representations of your mechanical room, spend less time traveling and more time training. Allow the newer members of your workforce to rapidly gain confidence in their new duties.



    • CMS VR360 is the modern way of virtually capturing your facility’s mechanical and other environmental spaces.
    • With CMS VR360, you can easily get eyes on equipment such as fire pump valves, electrical switches and more. Assets can be virtually tagged with nameplate info or what areas they serve.
    • CMS VR360 lets you navigate a room and click on assets to show detailed information and work orders. VR360 also allows you to attach PM videos, user manuals and other documents so all staff members have quick, visual access to the resources they need.
    • CMS VR360 integrates completely with CMS and CMS View, allowing you to see your workload, drill-down and view the workspace so you can gather what you need to complete the job.
  • With VR360, capture and display knowledge and insight from your senior technicians so their replacements will have long term access once they retire.

Download the CMS VR360 Sales Sheet