cmsviewCMS View – providing fast, integrated access to equipment and work order records on your floorplans.

CMS View is the new integrated display featuring floorplan locations of equipment and work orders based on the information within your CMS database.

CMS database


With CMS View, you can easily filter your equipment by category so as to quickly locate it within your facility and retrieve detailed equipment information with a tap of an icon.

CMS View enables you to see all the active work orders on that particular floor. Just tap the icon of a work order, and you can quickly add any data readings and time charges while closing it out right from your tablet!

CMS View enables you to change the location of an asset by simply dragging the icon to the equipment’s new location.

Generate new work orders on the fly right from the floorplan. Use the camera on your tablet to take a picture of the area needing work and attach it right to the work order itself.

Why CMS View?


  • Quickly find the equipment you need in your floorplan – on a tablet
  • See with a quick glance the locations of your work orders on that floor


  • Tap an equipment icon to see details on that asset
  • Tap a work order icon to seamlessly complete it within the CMS database
  • Digitize your compliance rounding by creating a work order right from the floorplan


  • No waiting for search results when looking for a category of equipment – just select the category or categories you want to see and they instantly appear on the drawing

Download the CMS View PDF.