Your Space, Your Way:
Manage your Facilities’ Space Data from a Floorplan

Space manager

CMS Space Manager lets users take charge of essential building data. FSI’s interactive tool offers simple click and edit capabilities for each room. Click on a room to edit the characteristics, then view and print those settings across your floor plan.


Key Highlights

  • Manage building data directly from your floorplans
  • Import square footage information automatically from CAD files
  • Monitor Utilization (FGI, Uniformat , Omniclass Table 13)
  • Categorize rooms (Isolation Rooms, Patient Rooms, Staff Office)
  • Track NFPA Occupancy (Assembly, Medical Care, Business, etc.)
  • Set Room Status (Occupied, Vacant, Needs Maintenance)
  • Calculate Cost Center/Department Usage
  • Scroll and zoom quickly and easily using FSI’s CMS View Technology
  • Assign custom attributes (Text, Date, Numeric, Custom Dropdowns)
  • Part of FSI’s Integrated Workplace Management System

Additional Usage

Customize – Create your own attributes for the specific room data that your facility is tracking: Room Color, LED Lighting, Occupants, Has Windows, Custom Attributes

Compliance Reporting – Generate square footage reports for all drop-down fields including Cost Center Utilization, and Custom Fields.

Integration – CMS, FSI’s CMMS system, incorporates the use of the location information into the daily workflow of CMS Work Orders and Assets.

Additional Services – Let FSI Verify, Update, Store and Organize all of your facilities’ floor plans: Life Safety, Electrical, Mechanical, Medical Gas, Renovations, As-Built drawings.

Calculator – Highlight Rooms to Calculate and print square footage dynamically on-the-fly.

Download CMS Space Manager PDF.