CMS Rounding is FSI’s stand-alone software package which supports your Environment of Care (EOC) and other rounding needs.

CMS Rounding

CMS Rounding offers the following:

  • Collaboration – Enabling teams from different departments to work together to conduct rounds electronically using multiple devices.
  • Paperless – Eliminating the need for paperwork consolidation and office data entry, CMS Rounding automatically consolidates the information from all team members into one cohesive package.
  • Seamless Interaction – Upon completion of the rounds, CMS Rounding sends emails to the appropriate responsible parties for rectification of any issues found. For instance, if a deficiency is found in handwashing techniques, an email to the nursing manager informs her of this finding.  After she corrects the issue, she completes it by clicking a link in the email and entering her resolution.
  • CMMS Integration – When used with FSI’s Custom Maintenance Software (CMS), CMS Rounding can automatically generate work orders for the Facilities Engineering department for items which need to be corrected. Upon work order completion, CMS Rounding automatically updates the finding.

Advantages of CMS Rounding

  • Fully Customizable – for EOC Rounds, OSHA Rounds, Security Rounds, Engineering Rounds, and Life Safety Rounds.
  • Multiple Platforms – CMS Rounding can be used on Windows operating system, Apple iOS, and Android operating system
  • Automation  – CMS Rounding will eliminate paperwork and analysis time by fully integrating the findings from multiple devices into one easily accessible interface.  Emails will automatically generate to notify the responsible parties for correction with feedback.  With CMS integration for automatic work order generation – complete the work order and resolve the findings.
  • Cloud Based – means your rounds are accessible from any web-connected device, CMS Rounding provides instant access to see both open and resolved findings. CMS Rounding is available as a stand-alone package or fully integrated with CMS.

Download the CMS Rounding Sales Sheet.