Custom Maintenance Software for Facilities Managers

CMS facilities management

Custom Maintenance Software (CMS) brings you a flexible CMMS user interface, which can be customized to be as simple as a list of the individual’s assigned work orders and PMs as soon as he logs into the system – or a dashboard showing a variety of information, such as open PMs on High Risk Equipment, Pending Service Requests entered electronically by the hospital staff, PM Completion Percentages for the current month, and more!

CMS building maintenance

Items which are a standard part of CMS include:

    • The EP Dashboard – Elements of Performance for EC.02.03.05 and EC.02.05.07, giving quick and easy access to real-time compliance data for The Joint Commission
    • CMS Tech, functioning on iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, Android phones, and Android Tablets
    • Easy-to-use interface – typical CMS work order users are trained in about 2 hours
    • Electronic work requests by hospital staff with automated email feedback upon completion
    • Support for Contracts with outside vendors
    • Ability to tie equipment model numbers to manufacturers
    • Ability to edit many work orders or assets at the same time
    • Frankly, too many more items to list here!

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