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Indiana Non-Profit Receives Helpful Software From Pittsburgh-Based Facilities Management Company.

FSI is teaming up with a not-for-profit organization in Indiana to provide them with complimentary Custom Maintenance Software (CMS) necessary for maintaining and improving their hospitals.

D5 Hospital Preparedness Planning Committee Inc. is an organization with a mission to ensure all hospitals in Indiana’s District 5 develop, maintain, refine, and to the extent achievable, enhance the capacities of their healthcare systems, and for exercising and improving preparedness plans for all hazards including pandemic influenza. D5 HPPC services 8 counties and 41 hospitals in the state of Indiana preparing for times of crisis, emergency and disaster.

Helping non-profit organizations is nothing new to FSI as they have also maintained an incredible relationship with the globally recognized

“When I started this company back in 2002 I didn’t just want to earn money. I wanted to help people while earning money,” said Founder and President of FSI, Joseph Serwinski.

partnership“Our partnership with D5 HPPC is an exciting way that FSI can contribute to making the Indiana hospitals more efficient while maintaining the excellent level of care that they have always provided to their patients,” Serwinski explained. D5 HPPC is further connected to its parent organization the D5 Healthcare Coalition (D5 HCC).

The District 5 Healthcare Coalition is a network of healthcare organizations within Indiana’s District 5 that have a mission to support medical and healthcare entities prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

The partnership between FSI and D5 HPPC is sure to be another example of what can happen when “for-profit” companies take an active role in supporting non-profit organizations.