Regardless of the size or geographic footprint of your educational facility, all maintenance departments face similar challenges. Doing more with less, understanding the full scope of the equipment and facilities within your responsibility, developing a capital plan and reducing deferred maintenance are your daily challenges. FSI is no stranger to education. We provide customers with the tools and data to more efficiently tackle all those issues.

Balance between scheduling of preventive maintenance and unscheduled service or emergency repairs requires a solid understanding of maintenance backlog, resource availability and trending of common failures throughout your campus. With CMS (Custom Maintenance Software), managers have ready access to quick status reporting on all pending and future maintenance and visibility into the deferred maintenance backlog. Benefit from a single application for requests from students and faculty as well as recurring preventive maintenance procedures. The flexible platform provided by FSI is fully hosted with the cloud, allowing you and your maintenance staff the ability to access, complete and manage their work from anywhere. CMS provides a robust desktop site for full configuration and management as well as mobile solutions to locate, complete and document work anywhere across your campus.

FSI’s software for educational facility maintenance helps you to manage offices, residence calls, classrooms, outdoor fields, storage and maintenance buildings and everything in between. Our pricing plans make it an affordable and accessible maintenance solution for the entire organization, and it’s adaptable to campuses of any size.

  • Workflow automation to fit your institution
  • Automatically assign, escalate and communicate based on specific criteria such as location, priority or problem selected
  • Identify trends and problems to justify capital plan
  • Reduce trips back to the shop by implementing a mobile solution