FSI is committed to assisting our Healthcare customers by offering to import any influx of Assets related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our staff will process any electronic spreadsheet and import the data as Assets into our CMS System so hospitals and medical centers can continue to provide care for patients and protect staff.

Whether you’re receiving new biomed equipment or converting regular patient rooms into Negative Pressure rooms, FSI will assist in importing this data into CMS for no charge. This information includes, but is not limited to:

Biomedical/Clinical Engineering Customers

  • Ventilators
  • Pumps (Feeding, IV, PCA)
  • Monitors (Physiological, Vital Signs)
  • Patient Beds/Stretchers

Facilities Customers

  • Isolation Rooms (Negative Pressure)
  • Portable HVAC (HEPA, Heating/Cooling)
  • Temporary Locations (Tents/Trailers)


Please Contact FSI’s Support Team for Details.
412-567-4070, Press 1 for Support