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EVS (Environmental Services) staff are the front-line defense in keeping hospitals secure and safe. They play a key role in assisting the healthcare team by maintaining a clean, safe care environment. FSI’s complete healthcare software, CMS, the leading solution for hospitals, includes support of EVS team needs. CMS ensures that the environmental services team can respond to requests efficiently and quickly, all while providing a record of their activities and a history of the procedures completed. There are many ways CMS supports EVS:

Provides Visibility to EVS Requests

Reporting that comes standard with CMS reflects how much time your team dedicates to requests. CMS comes ready-built with more than 300 reports and includes the ability to add more customized reports, all of which give visibility to metrics for key performance indications and trends. Additionally, CMS gives you insight into key elements required by regulations set forth by the Joint Commission and other governing bodies.

Provides tracking of Cleaning Request

Using CMS as your EVS solution ensures that you are able to track and prioritize requests from room cleaning to all other housekeeping tasks. CMS allows you to attach checklists, images or to place links in the requests to things like internal instructional videos to further simplify the request and ensure all steps in the process are properly completed. With the ability to track, prepare and clean rooms faster, you can increase your organization’s efficiency and revenue savings.

Automates Service Requests

How does your EVS team receive service requests right now? Are they filtered through multiple people before it reaches the EVS team? With CMS, workstations across the hospital campus can be used by staff to easily enter requests that will automatically be routed to the correct work order queue. This automation process can cut costs and save time allowing your technicians to service the request more quickly.

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