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Drawing Management Services
Drawing Revisions: – Changes: FSI can provide on site visits to perform the measurement of specific facility areas or the entire building. Includes construction and renovations. If drawings are missing, FSI can help create new drawing sets from scratch. All of which will be uploaded into CMS Drawing Manager.

Drawing Maintenance: Once the initial drawings / CAD files are loaded into CMS Drawing Manager, the client/user can send updates, new drawings, renovations to FSI and the CAD Services Department will make the requested updates to the main CAD file in Drawing Manager.

Vendor Partner: If the client has an architect or consultant that updates the customers drawings, they can upload the drawings directly to FSI or the customer can instruct the consultant to send the files to FSI. Once received, the CAD Management team will upload the drawings to Drawing Manager.

Communication: All transactions will generate an email communication. Drawing /CAD files that have been updated, revised and uploaded to the system will generate an alert for the appropriate individuals.

CMS Drawing Manager Solutions:

  • Unnecessary losses from inefficient drawing management
  • Drawing organization: create and customize an active library for all of your drawings
  • A reduction in costly mistakes from hospital personnel and contractors relying on outdated drawings /documents
  • Increased savings on resources and time spent retrieving drawings & documentation
  • Accurate tracking of drawings, warranties and certificates
  • Reducing the liability of critical documents from being lost, misplaced and or damaged
  • Supports compliance with The Joint Commission and other regulatory authorities