biomed computerized custom maintenance software

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Biomedical maintenance software

Biomedical operations within hospitals and clinics are a crucial part of any medical environment as patients’ lives depend on equipment performance. Maintenance organizations must keep track of maintenance on all critical machinery and equipment and preventative maintenance schedules must be implemented. Service requests need to be responded to quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, data surrounding the Biomed maintenance needs to be reported and made easily available to present to auditors and regulatory bodies.

FSI’s CMS web-based biomed CMMS applications stand apart from competitors in a host of ways in helping organizations maintain accurate data history and keep control of maintenance schedules and routines.

CMS provides Biomedical Maintenance Techs:

  • Biomedical Maintenance TechsHighly mobile solutions
  • The latest in Smart technology and Virtual technology
  • Highly configurable options to tailor to unique naming conventions
  • Ability to work offline and in areas with no Wi-Fi connection
  • Ability to monitor equipment calibration

Admins can make forecasting decisions and obtain predictive outcomes armed with CMS’s custom dashboards. They can rely on accurate maintenance data records, lab data, and asset monitoring to meet industry standards and prove compliance using hospital cmms software.

CMS provides Administrators forecasting and compliance-related data including:

  • On-time completion percentages
  • Last completed and next scheduled dates
  • PM completion dates
  • Average response times

CMS enables Biomed facilities to reduce the risk of interruption to patient treatment, improve facility cleanliness and decrease service request response times. Facilities and clinics can set up preventative maintenance schedules and maintenance procedures to manage facilities and equipment in these areas:

  • Respiratory Equipment
  • Imaging Systems
  • Radiation Machines
  • Hospital Beds
  • Dialysis Machines
  • Surgical Equipment