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How to migrate your data from Accruent's TMS

As Accruent's TMS is being phased out, migrating your data and implementing a new maintenance management software can be hard. Luckily, we're here to help.

We’re profoundly aware of the challenges that come with switching CMMS platforms without disrupting service delivery.

Whether your CMMS is being phased out or just not working for your organization, choosing and implementing a new maintenance management software can be hard. 

Unfortunately, as CMMS apps like TMS retire and phase out, healthcare facilities and biomedical professionals have no choice but to shift to another platform. 

At FSI, we’ve successfully converted many current customers from TMS by Accruent to our CMMS Platform. Keep reading to learn about how to migrate your data without disrupting operations. 

The importance of healthcare maintenance data

With critical facilities and clinical engineering data to migrate, standards to set, and dashboards to build, any inaccuracy or error can cause major operational disruption, or worse, incur costly fines and loss of accreditation. 

Facility maintenance teams and professionals performing biomedical asset management must proactively move to a different CMMS, migrate all data, and onboard and train teams to ensure that critical medical services aren’t disrupted, all while maintaining compliance. 

Because Accruent's data migration services don't meet our customers' needs, we help former TMS users extract, standardize, clean and implement their healthcare facilities and clinical engineering operations data.

Without accurate or historical data, your healthcare systems will struggle to act on critical data and insights needed to promote compliance and safety. 

Migrating your healthcare CMMS data off TMS 

Our CMMS data migration and data conversion is an integral part for a successful implementation. Many of our new customers want to incorporate their existing TMS data into their new FSI CMMS platform. 

To do this, we offer a comprehensive data conversion and migration process from TMS into FSI without the fees or expenses Accruent charges. This includes migrating existing information from legacy systems to FSI's Custom Maintenance Software (CMS) by regularly importing data from other maintenance management software programs like Accruent.

At FSI, we'll help you: 

1. Standardize your asset and work order data

The data conversion process is an ideal time to standardize nomenclature throughout your existing TMS database. Over the years, as information is entered by different people can cause inconsistencies in your maintenance operations data. 

Standardizing nomenclature within your CMMS such as work order types, asset category, naming conventions, and vendor information will enable more accurate and efficient reporting capabilities for your department.

2. Archive unnecessary data

Customers sometimes choose to keep only a certain amount of historical data in their new CMMS. At FSI, we can archive older data from your TMS database– keeping it easily accessible for future reference.

3. Cleanse irrelevant or outdated data

While some data migrations are direct 1 to 1 copies, our data migration teams take time to analyze your existing TMS data. Through a collaborative process with the customer, we will determine whether there are opportunities to “clean up” the existing TMS data as part of the migration process. 

If there is information in the originating database that is no longer valid, such as unused cost center accounts, employees who are no longer part of the organization, or unused vendors, we can remove those for you.

Don’t lose your critical Accruent TMS data

FSI is a purpose-built CMMS designed by healthcare Facilities and Biomedical maintenance professionals. We also offer on-site data collection, inventory updates, barcode placement, and CAD drawings to meet your compliance and operational needs.

To learn more about migrating your Accruent TMS data to another CMMS, contact us or request a demo. 

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