The only CMMS purpose-built for healthcare maintenance management

Optimize your hospital's Facilities and Biomedical Engineering maintenance operations with FSI's modern maintenance management platform. Deploy a comprehensive, standardized, and scalable cloud-based CMMS and empower your users with accurate, usable, and useful data — just one click away.

Pain-free hospital facility management software

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    “FSI is really our Google. Gone are the days of paper records and file cabinets with stuff stored everywhere."

    ”We’ve been growing by leaps and bounds, acquiring real estate, leasing buildings, building buildings, buying buildings. To keep a repository of all that pertinent facility and equipment information, it’d be impossible without a system like this.”

  • work order management software

    “With our old CMMS database, we couldn’t believe in our data. Now we have a solid data platform on which to base decisions.”

    ”We’re now able to look at individual pieces of equipment rank equipment based on performance, and we prioritize replacements and capital investments.”

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    “FSI has become the backbone of our record-keeping and compliance documentation.”

    ”When we went to market for a new CMMS, we figured we’d find just another vendor. What we got was a true partner in FSI. They’ve taken ownership of our issues.”

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    “FSI just made sense.”

    “Its ease of use, the look and feel, and what you were able to do with it. It’s designed to do certain things in certain ways—optimally.”

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    “I appreciate the scanning capabilities and reporting functions of CMS.”

    “FSI helps us from a regulatory standpoint, improving customer service and recognition and evaluation tool. I can point out top performers across my technicians to see who’s getting their work done and who might be getting good comments from customers.”

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Promote compliance with a medical CMMS

For healthcare facilities and clinical engineering teams, you must provide a safe, reliable physical environment to maintain accreditation and compliance. Learn about how you can optimize operations with the best CMMS for healthcare.

Streamline your Independent Service Organization's maintenance

Your Independent Service Organization (ISO) needs to track your service and outcomes for your customers. Find out how you can drive more revenue, grow your business, and expand into new markets with integrated, streamlined CMMS and operations.

Improve your school's work order management and maintenance

Whether you’re supporting K-12 or higher education facilities, ensure that you’re providing a safe and secure learning environment that promotes learning. Adopt an intuitive cloud-based CMMS to maximize your efficiency and expedite your school’s academic and recreational spaces.

Gain an accurate, reliable inventory for your public sector agency

Local, state and federal government agencies must maintain security, compliance, and seamless processes for the well-being of your citizens. But with out-of-date asset inventories, floor plans and data, that’s nearly impossible. Find out how your public sector organization can finally get data you can believe in.

Optimize your industrial organization's maintenance management 

Optimize and maintain a high-quality environment for your commercial manufacturing environment to ensure business continuity, profitability, and safety for your workforce. Whether you’re in gas & oil or natural resources, ensure you’re promoting efficiency and extending equipment lifecycles.

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FSI's CMMS: Custom Maintenance Software

Manage your healthcare facilities 

Implement a comprehensive suite of cloud-based CMMS applications designed for healthcare professionals to run smoother operations. Complete with work order management, space management, virtual reality, and intelligent analytics, you can finally trust in your data and put it to work. 

CMS View - Work Order Management System


Bring your hospital data wherever you go and ensure that no asset goes unnoticed. Quickly locate equipment and requests from your device, attach images to records, digitize your compliance rounding and create work orders directly from your floor plans.

CMS Tech - Mobile CMMS Apps for the Healthcare Industry


Empower your techs to work in the field with the fastest mobile CMMS. Complete work orders and PMI online or offline, eliminate end-of-day computer work and increase your data reliability. Build and tailor shortcuts, notifications, and workflows to optimize your operations.

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Ensure hospital facility continuity and 100% knowledge transfer in an ever-evolving workforce. View virtual facility environments from your office, retain your workforce’s knowledge, and expedite training to give new members confidence in their duties.

CMS-Rounding-Manager for hospital facilities management


Easily customize and fulfill your compliance requirements, and support your Environment of Care (EOC) needs with hospital-wide collaboration, automated regulatory analysis and work order creation.

hospital facility maintenance management system


Access and update real-time building documentation, drawing revisions, and inventory services. Stuck with inaccurate or out-of-date drawings? FSI’s CAD specialists are here to document and update your drawing files.

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Take charge of your floor plan data with customizable attributes, click-and-edit capabilities, square footage reporting, cost calculations, and occupancy tracking. Extend the value of your environment to make data-backed decisions.

hospital facility management software


Improve your ROI with data-backed insights. Benchmark asset and team performance, pinpoint outliers and allocate your resources efficiently. Confirm that your PMI and compliance programs are effective, and your operations are optimized.

Empower your employees and optimize your environments

Learn how FSI can help your organization, whether you’re one hospital or 100.

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Designed for healthcare operations

Gain a single source of truth across your healthcare maintenance management with FSI’s CMMS. Paired with on-site data collection services like asset inventory, barcoding, and CAD documentation, you can finally feel confident you’re providing patients and staff with a safe, secure physical space while maintaining your Environment of Care needs.

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User-friendly and intuitive software

Invest in a cloud-based healthcare CMMS your team will love to use. FSI provides tools for everything a modern hospital maintenance program needs, from rounding checklists and audit trails to state-of-the-art Virtual Reality and drawing management. Finally, your technicians, managers and executives can easily access and use truly reliable and future-proof facility and biomedical data.

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Scalable and efficient maintenance management

Tailor and adjust your medical CMMS to fit the way you work. Easily configure views, dashboards, and reports across every level of your organization. With standardized asset and location nomenclature and a robust suite of products, you can scale your CMMS up or down to meet your organizational maintenance needs and implement data-backed programs within your hospitals.

Integrate your maintenance management system across third-party platforms

Ensure your CMMS data is accurate and reliable across your third-party operational platforms. Connect your operations management data in real-time, from purchasing to IT service management and beyond.

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Experience the future of facility maintenance